Our EP “Five Saturdays” is out!!!


Five Saturdays was a concept album of sorts.  But instead of a theme or story running through the album, the concept was outside the album.  October of 2009 saw 5 Saturdays come and go, and our lofty goal was to create an original song each week, record a video and post it on each Saturday of the month.  Some songs came quick and easy, while others barely made it in under the wire.  Fans and friends received the 5 songs well, so we did an encore 6th song in November.

Many Saturdays would pass before these songs would be recorded in higher quality and many more before the album was finalized.

After 4+ years of struggle, hard work, procrastination, brainstorming, recording, rerecording, mixing, and mastering; our EP, Five Saturdays is finally finished and available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon MP3.


(many) New Show Dates announced.

Thanks for coming to our show 1

Ok, so some of them, you may not be able to attend. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like you, it just means that we have already selected each other as our +1’s. The rest of the shows, you are welcome to attend, provided you meet the stringent age requirements.

See our Gig Calendar for the Show Dates

We’ll See you soon.

Ice Ice Baby Tabs

It was recently requested on our youtube channel that we include some tabs for Ice Ice Baby.  We have gotten requests for tabs before, and I had never done one, so I never really took the requests.

It turns out it’s not terribly difficult, if you happen to know a little bit about music, which I barely do.  Still, it took a fair amount of time and I don’t know how likely I am to do them in the future, but for now, here is this one.

Ice Ice Baby Cover Video

Ice Ice Baby Tab

Ice Ice Baby Tabs

I included a picture because I can embed the notation that way.  I don’t know of a way to include all that with a text file.

A MIDI file of the above tabs.

Happy Ninja Day!!

fizmarble.com has featured us in an article about Ninja Day (Dec. 5th).  In the article you will find our video telling a little bit about what it’s like to be a ninja.

Head on over to fizmarble.com to see the article.  Then, like the article.  Spread the word about Ninja Day to your friends and enemies.

It’s International Ninja Day!!!

‘Camila’s Cure’ benefit was great times for a worthy cause

The Ninjas were fortunate to be a part of this amazing fund raiser for Camila.  The talent present at the show was staggering.  It was great seeing Who’s Clayton and Ken Neely.  Minds were blown by Tornado Rider.  We are still singing the bizarre, humorous, catchy, cello genius songs they performed last night.  Twist and Shout led the crowd in singing and dancing and smiling.  There were other great bands and people whose names we don’t know how to spell, but were fantastic to meet.

It was wonderful to see the powers of love and music combined for the sake of extending help to someone in need.  Thank you to the organizers, decorators, food service folks, sound man, musicians, auction bidders, and attendees.  And thank you Camila.

A Band Of Ninjas